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Iron and Steel


Midland Iron & Steel processing saves energy,
water and generates money for you.
While industrial manufacturing has become increasingly lean and efficient throughout Midland’s over 125 years of service, some things never change. For one, it remains impossible to produce a product without generating 3 to 5 percent scrap metal. With energy prices spiraling ever higher, more and more manufacturers are turning to Midland to turn their scrap into gold.

The fact is, it takes 25 percent less energy to process scrap metal into high-grade steel, than it does to create new product from raw materials. So, the iron and steel our forefathers once salvaged for free along the banks of the mighty Mississippi has now become a valuable treasure – and a significant revenue stream for many of our industrial customers.

Turn Trash into Treasure

The values we pay for your scrap metal are set each day and fluctuate with industrial demand and current market trends. If the market is high, those benefits are passed along to you and other Midland’s customers.

Once your scrap metal arrives in our yard, it is carefully sorted, cut, and thoroughly cleaned to remove all contaminates. The processed scrap is then shipped to foundries or steel mills where it is re-melted to make new products.

  One reason we can pay top dollar for your scrap is the investments we have made in custom processing equipment, including several pieces unique to Midland. This specialized equipment allows Midland to provide products that melt more efficiently and conform to stringent specifications set by individual foundries and mils.

Midland Davis deals in all major scrap commodities as recognized by the American Metal Market. Only truckloads of quality scrap ever leave the Midland Davis yard.

Iron and steel

Iron and steel   Iron and steel

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  Midland Davis one of the oldest full-service recycling companies in the Midwest, is fully committed to making a positive impact on the communities and country we serve through active participation and encouragement of recycling efforts that preserve natural and man-made resources for the generations ahead.

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